Our Commitment

Our business stands on ethics and integrity. We are proud of our innovative products, which are gradually recreating India’s agricultural sector. All great efforts from our dedicated teams contribute to reshaping the face of agribusiness.

We Specialize In

Product Purity

Our products are free from any pesticide residue, which marks the purity of all our agricultural products. They don’t contain any toxic elements from the soil. We also maintain the physical and genetic purity of all our products.

Product Quality

All products from Dharitri undergo careful crop grading, helping us fetch a better price in the market. We do grain conditioning and attain organic certifications to maintain impeccable product quality.

Farmer Competence

We are in direct link with farmers and producer organisations. Our forward and backward linkages for marketing produce set up a high farmer competence. We also take care of institutional setup, trading opportunities, and market intelligence for all our farmers.

Farmer Commitment

Our team at Dharitri is committed to crop diversification concerning sustainability and market price fluctuations. We follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) like precision farming, soil solarization, erecting traps, greenhouses, etc.